Personal Finance and Money Habits Check-up
  • See how you are doing in the 4 areas of personal finances


    Take 10 minutes to complete this 5 page assessment. You will better understand how you are doing in the four areas of personal finance and plan where you can make the biggest improvements. We'll also help you measure your money habits or the "behavioral core" that is the center of your decisions and outcomes. This clarity helps you direct your change efforts to have the biggest impact on your life.

  • By completing this survey, you consent to allow FiClub to retain your responses as part aggregate data for statistical purposes. We will not sell or exchange your personal data with anyone else. At the end of this survey, you'll be able to choose to allow FiClub to review your individual data for the purpose of making recommendations or to share with you opportunities to improve your financial health and habits.

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  • First question – your household: When dealing with your personal finances, is it just you or do you handle them with a spouse or partner?
  • Are you also responsible for the finances of others, such as children or dependent parents?
  • How many people are you responsible for?
  • Income

  • What is your employment status?
  • If applicable, what is your occupation?
  • What is your partner's employment status?
  • If applicable, what is your partner's occupation?
  • Do you have other sources of income in addition to primary income (investments, alimony, government assistance)?
  • What is your monthly income (from all sources) before taxes?
  • Is your income enough to cover your expense most months?
  • How regular is your income: Can you know with fair amount of certainty what you will make 3, 6, or 12 months from today?
  • To sum it up, on a scale of 1-10, how satisfied are you with your income?
    Very unhappy
    Very happy
  • Tell us briefly about anything else that comes to mind for this area of your personal finances (hopes, fears, goals, concerns)

That's all, folks!

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